MEGO Supermarket opens in Jelgava
20. December - News

On December 19, the largest Mego store was opened in the Jelgava shopping center “Pilsētas Pasāža”, in the creation of which about 1 million euros were invested. The total area of ​​the store is approximately 3000 m2, of which 1720 m2 is allocated for the sales area.

The new supermarket offers more than 16,000 products in various segments and employs more than 50 people, including three pastry chefs and six culinary specialists. Visitors to the store are offered a wide range of culinary and confectionery products made locally in the store in its own workshop, as well as fresh meat from Latvian suppliers

Data from research into consumer behavior and shopping preferences, as well as Mego's own observations, show that people increasingly value ready-to-eat products offered in-store. Therefore, the new supermarket is equipped with a modern workshop and will offer fresh confectionery and culinary products every day.

“We are pleased that our work for more than 24 years is bearing fruit and that customers appreciate Mego's efforts to improve the shopping experience in our stores. It is important for us to take care of customer service while keeping up with the times, so we are proud to that we will now be located in one of the most modern regional shopping centers - "Pilsētas Pasāza". The new Mego store is equipped with LED lighting and has six cash registers. In addition to LED lighting, the new store has energy-efficient and environmentally friendly retail equipment," noted I Shikhman.

Member of the board of the shopping center "Pilsētas Pasāža" Juris Kalvelis emphasized that the shopping center is changing along with the city, the region and the needs and demands of the residents.

He also emphasized that the new store is one of the main arteries of “Pilsētas Pasāža”. “We are proud that the first Mego store of the new concept is opening in Pilsētas Pasāža, with a wide range of goods, including from local producers, including fresh locally produced culinary products,” added J. Kalvelis.

Chairman of the Jelgava City Council Andris Raviņš noted: “It is important for the local government that people can conveniently receive a wide variety of services close to home. Today Jelgava welcomes the opening of the largest Mego store in Latvia, and we hope that city residents will be satisfied with the store’s offerings. It is also important that more than fifty people will get jobs here."

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