Buy more,    pay less!

 With Mego card 
 purchase is profitable

Each day becomes favorable with Mego card!

  • Each time you purchase with Mego card, you save up 5% from the amount of each purchase (for details see the card usage terms)
  • Attractive special price for popular products daily
  • Mego card is not personalized

Use your Mego card wisely:

1) With Mego card, get better price for populas product every day in every store. Purchase products and collect your bonus points on the card. 

2) Receive 5% discount to the total amount of the purchase!

Offer is valid only two days per week (Friday and Saturday) if:

  • Purchase is made within these two days;

  • The total amount of the purchase is at least € 10;

If the rules mentioned above are fulfilled, the customer receives 5% discount as Mego points on the Mego card.

Discount is not applied to promotional items, tobacco products, prepaid cards of mobile operators, and others services of third parties.

3) One Mego point = € 0,01.


Terms of accumulation and use of Mego points:

1) Provide your Mego card at the cash desk register before making a purchase;

2) Receive Mego points on your Mego card on the next day after the purchase.

3) Find out the quantity of saved Mego points by asking cashier to give you the information receipt.

4) Use your Mego points as soon as the saved ammount is at least 300 points (€ 3);

5) You are able to pay 99% of the purchase with accumulated Mego points;

6) Accumulated Mego points can be used within 1 year from the date of accrual. After this period Mego points are automatically cancelled if the card was not used during one year period;

7) Mego card is available in all Mego shops and costs only € 1.


The terms are valid since 07.09.2015.

Mego card is the property of Ltd "Lenoka". Mego card usage terms can be amended without prior notice. Current terms are provided on In case of losing previously saved Mego points and Mego card are not renewed. 

More information: 12 Krustpils street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1073,

Phone: (+371) 6777 59 59, e-mail:

How to recieve Mego card:

  • 1
    Visit your nearest Mego store
  • 2
    Purchase your card for only € 1
  • 3
    Receive discounts and collect points already after your first purchase