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Profitalbe Mego card

Each day becomes favorable with Mego card!

  • Receive up to 2% cash-back of the total purchase amount in Mego-points every day 
  • One Mego-point is estimated as 0,01 €;
  • Mego card is not personalized

*Terms of accumulation and use of Mego-points:

1) Mego points are awarded every day when making purchases using a Mego card (1% of the purchase amount over 1.00 € and up to 14.99 € and 2% of the amount over 15.00 €);

2) Points are not awarded for alcohol-containing drinks, tobacco products, prepaid cards of mobile operators, for the products with special prices only for the Mego Cardholders and third parties services;

3) Mego-points are awarded to the Mego card on the day after the purchase;

4) Information about the current number of accumulated Mego-points is displayed in the receipt for the purchase;

5) The maximal amount of accumulated Mego-points ir 15 000 or 150 €;

6) You can use Mego-points immediately after the point are received;

7) With the use of Mego-points it is possible to pay 99% of the purchase amount;

8) The price of a Mego card is 1.00 €;

9) All your accumulated points will be deleted if your card is not used within the period of 6 months. Your card will be deleted if your card is not used within the period of 12 months. If your card is used on regular basis, each of your awarder Mego points is valid within the period of 12 months from the moment when it was received.



The terms are valid since 19.04.2021.

Mego card is the property of Lenoka LLC, and its operation may be terminated or the rules for using Mego card may be changed without prior notice. In case of loss of Mego cards, accumulated points and the card are not returned.

Current terms:  

More information: 12 Krustpils street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1073,

Phone: (+371) 6777 59 59, e-mail:

How to receive Mego card:

  • 1
    Visit your nearest Mego store
  • 2
    Purchase your card for only € 1
  • 3
    Receive discounts and collect points already after your first purchase

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