The 12th lottery car stays in Riga!
17. August - News

This year, the main prize of the Mego and Vesko lotteries, a Škoda Fabia car, was won by Vilis from Riga, who won a television in the lottery ten years ago. This time he registered 3 checks to participate in the lottery. In addition to the main prize, Green Motors presented Vilis with champagne and a thermos mug, which will be relevant both in the heat and in the cold season.


On August 17, partners of the largest retail company SIA Baltstor, Mego and Vesko chains of stores gathered in the premises of the Green Motors car dealership.

“On this day, in a solemn atmosphere, Vilis received the main prize of the lottery - the keys to the new Škoda Fabia,” said Alexander Afanasiev, head of the Mego marketing department.


Vilis often visits the Mego store in Jugla, and after a break of several years, he decided to participate in the lottery again. In addition, the application process for the lottery was very simple and convenient, you only had to send a text message or fill out a questionnaire.


“It is interesting that out of 12 raffled cars, this one is only the second one, which was won by a man, and this is the second car that will remain in Riga. I also want to add that no matter what time we live in, people believe in miracles, so we continue to organize lotteries and give hope and joy to our customers. Sometimes it seems to me that we experience the same strong emotions as our winners - after all, giving is a great joy for us, "explains Alexander Afanasiev.


Žanete Siubra, marketing project manager of Putnu fabrika Ķekava, stressed that she would definitely continue cooperation with Mego stores and presented Vilis with a gift set with delicious products from Ķekava and Bauska.


Edgars Dadis, Client Relations Manager of "Latvijas maiznieks" noted: "We appreciate that within the framework of the lottery we can present our products more widely. It's nice that our product "Rudens maize" was in the lucky check." In addition to the gift basket, Edgar presented both Vilis and Alexander Afanasiev with branded umbrellas. Will definitely come in handy in the fall.


Andris Savickis, Executive Director of Green Motors: “We are certainly pleased to cooperate with Mego. This is already the third car from our company, raffled off in the lottery, and certainly not the last.”


The representative of Henkel Latvia Margarita Sadchenko wished Vilis long and successful trips in the new car and good health, and presented a gift set of Henkel products.


Meanwhile, Konig account manager Alena Larionova believes that the lottery is a good way to introduce new products to customers, because often a purchase is made out of curiosity, this is a good reason to try something new and expand your diet.


The summer lottery of the Baltstor chain of stores was held from May 5 to July 31 this year. This time 100 "Mēnes Aptiekas" gift cards with a face value of 25 euros and 300 "Mego" gift cards with a face value of 25 euros were raffled off. And, of course, the main prize is a Škoda Fabia car from Green Motors.


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