New Mego store in Daugavpils
15. February - News
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Having invested 2 million euros, “Mego” opens a new store in Daugavpils


Today, February 15, in Daugavpils, on the street. Inzheneru, 3, a new store “Mego” has opened. This is already the seventh “Mego” store in Daugavpils, its total area is 1123 m2, of which 460 m2 is allocated for retail. The renovation of the building where the store is located began in March last year and the total investment amounted to approximately 1,923,000 euros.


The new Mego store is located in a residential area near a school, and, as Mego board member Igor Shikhman notes, its location corresponds to the company’s concept - a convenient store close to home. In Daugavpils, the Mego store chain is one of the largest employers in the retail sector, and the new store will provide 21 jobs.


“We are pleased to announce that we have already opened our seventh store in Daugavpils. This brings the total number of Mego stores in Latvia to 91, so I can say with confidence that we are one of the most widespread and popular retail companies in Latvia. Mego’s priority is to ensure that visitors feel comfortable making purchases in the store, so we constantly monitor current events in the industry and the wishes of our customers and introduce various innovations,” says a member of the board of Mego.


I. Shikhman notes that in the new store, just like in other Mego stores, visitors will find a wide range of products. In addition, in the store it will be possible to purchase fresh Latvian-made meat, and from the culinary and confectionery workshop “Mego” located here in Daugavpils, fresh products will be delivered here daily - ready-made dishes, which, as representatives of the retail chain note, are especially popular among city residents.


The company is currently working to expand the selection of culinary and confectionery products in each store, as well as to expand the range of products to make shopping in Mego stores even more convenient. In addition, the company is actively moving towards a “green” course, introducing various environmentally friendly solutions. For example, stores are equipped with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly equipment and LED lighting. A project to install solar panels on store roofs is also being successfully implemented.

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