Mego got 2nd place in the "Veikala Vegvērtējums" ranking
16. January - News
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A survey conducted by Veikala Vegvērtējums, which surveyed the most popular grocery stores across Latvia, found that the willingness of retailers to meet the growing interest in plant-based or vegan food varied significantly. For the first time, the proportionality between the prices of milk of animal origin and its vegetable counterparts was assessed.


In November, World Vegan Month, the Veikalu Vegvērtējums study, which annually compares the assortment of vegan products in the most popular Latvian store chains, was completed in order to facilitate the purchase of products for a growing part of the population interested in plant foods.


Health and sustainability experts in Latvia and around the world are calling for more plant-based and less animal products. In Latvia, almost a third of the population and almost half of the youth are already doing this or want to do it. Taking into account the fact that not everyone has access to specialized and large retail outlets, "Veikalu Vegvērtējums" analyzes the availability of vegan products in small and medium ("backyard") stores throughout Latvia.


The second place was taken by the Mego chain of stores. Alexander Afanasiev, Head of Marketing at Mego, says: “Mego expanded the vegetarian and vegan segment this year and we are pleased with the work done, as evidenced by the results of the study.”


This year, in addition to the range, the study for the first time examines the proportionality of prices between animal and vegetable products in the category of milk and its alternatives.


The Veikalu Vegvērtējums study in 2022 was carried out as part of the Augi & Draugi program. Detailed results can be found on the pages of the social network “Augi & Draugi”.

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