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2018 Summer lottery winner is defined!

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The main prize of "Mego" and "Vesko" goes to Daugavpils


“Lottery 2018" "Mego" and "Vesko" with a prize fund of almost 30 thousand euros and the main prize of Toyota C-HR has finished. The owner of the car is the inhabitant of Daugavpils - Rita. The rewarding ceremony took place on July 25 in the auto center of Amserv Motors on Krasta street 3.


The victory in the lottery of a resident of Daugavpils Rita, who herself is a representative of the trade sphere, may not be a mere coincidence. Rita probably was born under a lucky star, as she has already participated in lotteries and more than once won in them. "A good news about winned car were announced on July 13, Friday. Everyone told me that this is not a lucky number and you should not expect anything good. But I believed in the best and it happened, "- said Rita.


The joyful news of winning the car caught her in a crowded place. "At that moment I was with my daughter and at first did not understand what I was talking about, but I was reminded of participating in the lottery ... My daughter understood everything faster and we were amazed," added Rita.


To see the incredibly excited, but extremely happy winner, was very nice. The prize was presented to her by Indra Granateka, member of the board of the largest Latvian cooperation of retailers Baltstor - partner and coordinator of the chains of stores Mego and Vesko. This was the sixth lottery in which "Mego" and "Vesko" provided an opportunity for their customers to win a car.


Rita's story is a confirmation of the fact that one must always believe in good things. Then the surrounding will be charged with this positive energy, which in the end attracts good luck. When a person shares his joy, then this joy becomes much greater, which brings a positive result not only in the lottery, but in everything.


Lottery was held from April 16 to July 8, 2018 inclusive and everyone could become a party to it. To participate, it was enough to buy two lottery goods in Mego or Vesko stores and fill in the form on the Internet free of charge, specifying the name, surname, number of the check, settlement where the purchase were made. The brands participants were:  Bauska, Ķekava, Valdori, Pik-Nik, Magija, Caparelli, Pērle, Vegeta, Hanzas maiznīca, Estrella, Laima, Selga, Lipton, Mangaļi, Enjoy, Kubus, Tymbark, Domi, "Little things in life," Domestos and Cif.


The current prize fund consisted of 186 different awards. Including 100 gift cards for 25 euros in Mego stores, 50 gift cards for 50 euros from the online store, 30 gift cards for 150 euros from the travellers store Gandrs. Also in the prize fund were five AI flights to Spain from the company Interlux, but of course, everyone wanted to win a Toyota car.


As to geography of the lottery participants, the most active people in Riga were 14 499 people (45% of all participants). In second place Ventspils residents - 2,089 people (8%), the top three are the residents of Daugavpils - 1,791 people (6%). Well, the people of Jēkabpils, where only 417 people took part in the lottery, are the least lucky. By the way, the oldest participant of the lottery is 88 years old. And the most common name among them is Zigmar. But, unfortunately, none of the Zigmars has won. However, you should not despair, as next Lottery is beggining already  in the autumn this year, in which everyone can participate.