Mego re-opens shop in Carnikava
25. April - News

Today, on April 25th, after the completion of renovation works, the "Mego" store in Carnikava, located at 14 Rīgas Street, reopened its doors to shoppers. The total investment in the reconstruction of the store and its surroundings amounted to approximately 760,000 euros.

The renovation of the store itself was carried out over 3 weeks. Recognizing the importance of food stores' accessibility for the residents of Carnikava and adhering to our company's concept of providing a convenient store close to home, we aimed to complete all the work in the store as quickly as possible and within the promised deadlines for the residents of Carnikava.

After the renovation, the store has become larger and more modern, with cosmetic repairs done in the trading hall. By the long-term development and renovation plan of "Mego", modern and energy-efficient commercial equipment and LED lighting have been installed in the renovated store. Additionally, the range of goods has been expanded, with greater emphasis on Mego culinary products.

Meanwhile, landscaping works will be fully completed in May. As part of this, the area around the store will be landscaped, and the parking space will be significantly increased to 42 spaces for the convenience of shoppers. Outside the store, there will be a container collection point or "taromāts", which will provide convenient access and facilitate the return of deposit packaging for shoppers.

Our company particularly supports initiatives that promote an active lifestyle, so we plan to build a bike path near the store, ensuring safe and convenient access for both motorists and cyclists.

There are also plans to create a shopping area in front of the store under a special canopy, where local farmers and entrepreneurs will be able to offer their products to shoppers, especially during the season.

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