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13. October - News
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From 16-10-2023 and until 14-01-2024, in MEGO stores, for every 7 euros you spend, you get a sticker (14 € = 2 stickers, 21 € = 3 stickers, etc.). When you buy products from the following brands, HANZAS MAIZNĪCAS, NĀKOTNE, LIEPMĀJAS, KNOPPERS, WELOUR, you get an additional offer sticker for every product from these brands, irrespective of the total sum of the sales receipt. The stickers are given with the receipt when the purchase is made. Stickers are not given for receipts submitted at a later date. The number of stickers given depends on the total sum indicated on the receipt. The stickers cannot be exchanged for cash. The stickers must be stuck to the leaflet provided for this purpose. They can be obtained in all MEGO stores. Stickers stuck anywhere else will not be accepted and will not be valid. Collect the number of stickers required in the leaflet and hand them in at the checkout in MEGO stores when making a purchase, and you can buy the products on offer at the price indicated in the period from 16-10-2023 to 28-01-2024 or while the item in question is available in the stores. If you stick the required number of stickers in the leaflet, you can use it to buy several products on offer with a discount. The products on offer can also be bought at their full price. In other words, you do not need to provide the necessary stickers. The additional discounts are not applied to the products on offer. The products on offer are available in limited quantities. The range and availability of the products on offer in each store can vary depending on customer demand. In the event of a lack of products on offer, the organizer is entitled to offer the purchase of other similar products that meet the conditions of the products on offer, or to stop selling the discontinued products. The products on offer that have been sold will not be modified, except in the event that they fail to comply with quality requirements. The aspect and type of products shown in the offer leaflet or other advertising materials for the offer may differ in appearance and type to the actual products. MEGO reserves the right to cancel the offer and change the terms and conditions at any time. The terms and conditions of the offer are available at www.mego.lv and at the points of sale. SIA “Lenoka” is not responsible for any losses or damage that may have occurred or occur to the participants in the offer and that are related to participation in the offer, including the purchase of products on offer during the offer period. Participants in the offer confirm their unconditional acceptance of all the offer rules and agree to follow the same and comply with them.

Find detailed info about products: here

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