MEGO 14th lottery car prize winner: "I bought an ice cream and got a new car!"
20. September - News
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Is it possible to buy two ice creams and get a new ŠKODA KAMIQ? The answer is yes!

To do this, you just need to shop at any of the MEGO stores throughout Latvia, register a check for participation in the lottery and wait for the draw in which someone will become the lucky winner.

On September 14th of this year, the main prize of the MEGO lottery - a brand new, orange ŠKODA KAMIQ - was presented at the GREEN MOTORS car salon. In this lottery, Aelita's check won the prize: by purchasing two "Rūjiena" ice creams and registering the purchase receipt, she became the owner of a new car and other prizes that MEGO's suppliers and partners had carefully prepared for the winner. It should be noted that Aelita is a loyal buyer. A year ago, she already won a gift card in the MEGO lottery, but this year, after registering seven checks during the lottery, Aelita won the main prize.

"Of course, it's very nice to win such a prize, I didn't even believe that something like that was possible. I like to participate in lotteries organized by grocery stores where I regularly shop - because there are a lot of them. easy to do. Luck like winning a car is incredible." - aelita shared her feelings.

More than 150 prizes were played within the framework of the All-Latvian MEGO lottery. Among them were MEGO and MĀNESS APTIEKA gift cards, while EVELATUS provided 3 electric scooters to the participants. The total prize fund has exceeded 25 thousand euros.

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