10th car goes to Kuldiga!

20. August - News

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The 10th car from Mego and Vesko goes to Kuldyga region.


In order to win a car in the lottery, sometimes just one purchase and just one check is enough.


The new car - the main prize of Mego and Vesko Škoda Kamiq lottery - this time was won by Inese Valmunska.


On August 18, representatives of the largest retail company SIA Balstor, representing Mego and Vesko stores and partners participating in the lottery, gathered in the Green Motors showroom.


“On this day, in a solemn atmosphere, Inese received the main prize of the lottery - the keys for the new Škoda Kamiq car,” said Aleksandr Afanasyev, head of Mego marketing department.


“Gifting the car is a great opportunity for us to thank our customers for shopping in our store,” said Indra Granateka, representative of SIA Baltstor.


Inese said how she decided to take part in the lottery. On a hot June evening, Inese went to get food for a cat. Only Mego sells her pet's favorite canned food. In the mean time, Inese bought other products as well, and at the checkout she noticed information about the lottery and decided to try her luck.


She often visits Mego store in Kuldyga, but for the first time decided to take part in a lottery. In addition, it was very easy to register for the lottery, you just had to send a text message or fill out a questionnaire.


“This was the first time I decided to take part in a lottery, although I have been a regular customer of Mego for a long time. I like that Mego has products that are not sold by other stores, and the prices are very reasonable. There are always promotional products, and shop assistants are very friendly. How did I feel when I found out about the win? It was indescribable, very pleasant and amazing, I am happy! Now my husband and I will travel a lot in Latvia ”, - Inese does not hide his pleasure.


“Regardless the time we live in, people believe in luck, so we continue to organize lotteries and bring hope and joy to our customers. Sometimes, it seems to me that we experience the same strong emotions as our winners - after all, giving is a great joy for us", added Indra Granateka.


Sales Director of HKScan Latvia Heino Lapins said that he was very glad that the products from HKScan Latvia were in the lucky check, and they will certainly continue to cooperate with Mego stores and participate in lotteries.


Toms Sinyavskis said that Kekava has been participating in Mego lotteries from the very beginning. And it's a great way to introduce new products to customers and remind of proven products.


Executive Director of Green Motors Andris Savickis: “We are very pleased to cooperate with Mego. This is the first year of our cooperation, but we plan to continue it and bring joy to Mego customers. "


Meanwhile, Inga Ryzhova, manager of Konig, believes that the lottery is a good way to introduce new products to customers, because lottery goods are often bought out of curiosity, and this is a good reason to try something new and experimental.


The lottery of Mego and Vesko chain stores was held from May 17 to August 8. As part of the prize fund - 28 thousand euros - 50 gift cards for 50 euros each from Mēness aptiekas, 50 fuel gift cards for 50 euros each from Gotika auto and 100 gift cards for 50 euros each from Mego stores, as well as the main prize - a Škoda car Kamiq from Green Motors.


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