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15. April - News
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Mego is available on Wolt.

 We always strive to adapt to the current needs of our customers, therefore different types of food and households products can also be ordered from now on Wolt.
 Our selection and store count is expanding continuously. At the moment Mego stores that operates with Wolt are

  • •   Kleistu street 9, Riga
  • •   A.Saharava street 2, Riga
  • •   Jurmalas avenue 87, Riga
  • •   Bruninieku street 31, Riga
  • •   Klaipeda street 104c, Liepaja

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 What does this mean? When can it come in handy? 
When you are missing a few ingredients for the dinner or you don’t want to cook anything for lunch.  When you are unable to go to the shop or when it is simply a more comfortable way of shopping food. Not to mention that you don’t have to carry the heavy shopping bags this way. You don’t have to wait for days or weeks for the products, as you can have them delivered within half an hour.

 How far do Wolt deliver groceries? 
Wolt delivers them within the area of a 5 km radius from the Mego shops.



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