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Mego lottery main prize goes to Aluksne!


Main prize from Mego and Vesko retail chain lottery, Nissan Juke goes to Aluksne!



Mego and Vesko chain stores’ Great Fall Lottery 2017, with the total value of prizes at almost EUR 30,000, has come to a close, and the main prize – a Nissan Juke – has been won by Guntis from Aluksne.


The award ceremony was on December 11 at the Nissan Norde dealership at 31A Skanstes Street.


This is the 5th time Mego and Vesko offered customers a chance to win an automobile. This time again, the automobile went to one of the regions of Latvia, which is almost becoming a tradition.


Possibly, the fact that the automobile has been won by a resident of Aluksne who has been working in retail trade for over 15 years was not a coincidence. Guntis was probably born under a lucky star because he often participates in lotteries – and often wins prizes also. During the first Mego lottery, Guntis won a EUR 100 gift card from Interlux, and a EUR 50 gift card from Gotika Auto in the second lottery. That is why Guntis was, once again, buying specifically lottery products.


“I was going for it [the main prize], I was telling everybody that I’d win, and I firmly believed that I would,” Guntis comments his win.


Indeed, Guntis registered around 180 receipts for the lottery. He also admits that sometimes he was buying products he did not really need and which he would later give away to friends, relatives or neighbors. Interestingly enough, the winning receipt listed cat food and an “Esi vesels” yogurt. Guntis is not a fan of yogurts, so he gave that one to his colleague, and he has no pets either, he is not even interested in cats, so the pet food was given to a neighbor of Guntis.


After learning Guntis’ story, I’d say I could believe in good karma, that sharing something positive with other people, making people a little happier, may give you something very positive.


It has to be said that individual lottery participants’ activity was very high this time. For instance, one lady registered a total of 1,327 receipts for the lottery – a record number over the past three years when Mego and Vesko lottery was organized with an automobile as the main prize. Speaking of cities, Rigans were, of course, the most active – the total number of registrations was 15,312 in Riga, followed by Ventspils – 2,089 registrations, and Daugavpils – 1.749 registrations. The youngest lottery participant was just one year old, while the oldest one was 88.


This year’s edition of Mego and Vesko Grand Fall Lottery ran from September 4 to November 27. There were 231 prizes offered, including the main prize, and the total value of prizes was approximately EUR 30,000. Participants in the lottery were vying for products from the following brands: Baltais Eko, Biovela, Ķekava, Bauska, Latvijas Maiznieks, Laima, Veres, Italpasta, Tess, Cido, Pepsi, Whiskas, Ariel, Мелочи Жизни, Domi, O.b. and Carefree.