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28. February - News
Percuitti 3 pret 2

From February 27 to May 21, 2023, you will receive a sticker for every € 7 spent in MEGO stores (€ 14 = 2 stickers, € 21 = 3 stickers, etc.). Look for the special Percutti Legno promotion brochure in stores, where the stickers need to be stuck on the special areas. When you have collected enough stickers for the product you have viewed, go to the checkout and, by showing this promotion brochure with stickers, buy a Percutti Legno 2.0 collection product with a 50% discount!

Percutti Legno 2.0 - you will enjoy the cooking process! The best pans, casseroles and only now an exclusive offer – a 4 l hot air fryer with a touch screen. You can bake, grill, toast, cook and reheat healthy, fat-free meals for the whole family. Have fun in your kitchen and discover your inner chef!.

Add a special touch to your dishes and make cooking more fun, easier and more convenient! Get this exclusive MEGO offer with 50% off. Discover Percutti Legno 2.0 and the best quality at the best price!

More information: here

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