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From 12.06.2023 until 24.09.2023. in MEGO stores, for every 7 EUR spent, the buyer receives one promotional sticker (14 € = 2 stickers, 21 € = 3 stickers, etc.).
When purchasing HANZAS MAIZNĪCA, KAIJA, LIEPMĀ­JAS, SEAL, WELOUR brand goods, the buyer receives an additional one promotional sticker for each item of this brand, regardless of the total amount of the purchase receipt. Stickers are issued with the receipt only at the time of purchase. No stickers are issued for later presented receipts. The number of stickers issued depends on the total amount indicated on the check. Stickers cannot be exchanged for cash. Stickers must be affixed in the sticker catalog provided for them, which can be obtained from all MEGO stores. Stickers pasted elsewhere are not accepted and are invalid.
By collecting the required number of stickers in the sticker catalog and submitting it to the cashier of the MEGO store at the time of purchase, promotional items can be purchased at the indicated prices in the period from 12.06.2023. until 24.09.2023 or while the product in question is available in stores. If a sufficient number of promotional stickers are pasted in the booklet, it is possible to purchase several promotional products with a discount using one promotional booklet. Promotional items can also be purchased at full price, i.e. i.e. without submitting the required stickers. Additional discounts are not applied to sale items. Promotional items are available in limited quantities. The assortment and availability of promotional products in each store may vary depending on customer demand. In case of shortage of promotional goods, the organizer has the right to offer to buy other, similar goods that meet the conditions of the promotional goods, or to stop the sale of expired goods. Purchased promotional items are not exchanged, except in cases where they do not meet the quality requirements. The appearance and type of the goods depicted in the promotional newspaper or other advertising materials of the promotion may differ from the appearance and type of the goods in reality. MEGO reserves the right to end the promotion and change its terms at any time.
The terms of the promotion are available on the website and in sales outlets. SIA "Lenoka" bears no responsibility for any losses or damages that have occurred or may occur to the participants of the promotion and are related to participation in the promotion, i.e. see, purchase of promotional goods during the promotional period. The participant of the campaign confirms his unconditional acceptance of all the rules of the campaign and undertakes to be guided by them and comply with them.

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