Collection of Fun Squishes! Gather all of them!

13. January - News

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Collection of Fun Squishes! Gather all of them!


What is Tilly Toys squish? A soft toy filled with MemoryFoam. Choose your squish, pick it up, and you will never want to let it go.

Sixteen happy friends in the collection: Bella, Mimi, Ping, Betsy, Lolla and others. Everyone will find a favorite!

Remember, the quantity of squishes is limited! Squishy Tilly Toys in Mego Shops.

Time to gather all your friends!


Terms promo campaign:

1. Customers who buy merchandise at Mego stores worth over 5 € at the checkout counter receive one sticker (10 € = 2 stickers, 15 € = 3 stickers, etc.) from 13.01.2020 to 26.04.2020.

2. The stickers have to be glued into booklets available at all Mego stores.

3. The stickers are issued from 13.01.2020 to 26.04.2020 together with receipts, the moment purchases are paid for at the checkout counter. Stickers are not issued if a customer presents a receipt at a later time. The number of stickers depends on the total amount indicated in the receipt.

4. The campaign products are available at the prices indicated from 13.01.2020 to 26.04.2020 (or until out of stock) when the necessary number of stickers is collected in the booklet (7 stickers per 1 campaign product) and the booklet is handed to a Mego cashier.

5. The stickers cannot be exchanged for cash.

6. The stickers may only be glued into the original campaign booklets. Stickers glued elsewhere are considered invalid and will not be accepted.

7. The quantity of campaign products is limited. The campaign will continue as long as the products are in stock. Please purchase the campaign products timely as the quantity of the products will become limited toward the end of the campaign, and some of the products may become unavailable.

8. The campaign products purchased by customers will not be exchanged for other products, unless defective.